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miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Interesting Video on Technology

Hello students,

I hope you had some really great holidays; I'm sure you did :). Just letting you know that I'm officially starting to use the blog for our classes. I finally sorted out to catch up with everything and be in touch with technology, the topic of our current unit hehehe.
I'm going to upload grammar exercises and material related to the topics we are studying this term. I wish you see it as an extra resource for improving your English and that you'll find it useful.
I will upload some PDF exercises on verbal tenses at the weekend so that you can practise on future tenses, and present and past ones for the partial and final exams.

P.S. To break the ice, I'm pasting (Copy-Paste) the link of this video on technology I found on youtube accidentally the other day; Have a look at it whenever you have some spare time and ENJOY.